Cheerleading Uniforms

Cheerleading uniforms can be purchased many ways. Select cheerleader uniforms from a large group of stock cheer uniforms, choose selected custom cheerleading uniforms that take 4-6 weeks or choose from our cheerleader uniform packages that include pom poms, briefs, socks and cheerleading shoes . The team names can be added to the cheerleading uniforms and take an additional two weeks plus shipping. Both adult and youth cheerleading uniforms are available.

Stock Cheerleading Uniforms

Stock Cheerleading Uniforms offer a variety of cheerleading shells and matching cheerleading skirts. In stock cheerleader uniforms can be customized in two weeks. Youth cheerleading uniforms are available in all styles so why pay more for your cheer uniforms?

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Cheerleading Uniform Packages

Cheerleading Uniform Packages include a stock cheerleading uniform plus pom poms, cheerleading briefs and cheerleading socks. It takes two weeks to add the team name to the cheerleading shell.

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Cheerleader Supplies

Complete Sportswear offers a large selection of cheerleading supplies. In addition to cheerleading uniforms we have the best prices on pom poms, cheerleading megaphones, cheer briefs, cheer socks and cheerleading warm ups.

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Custom Cheerleading Uniforms

Custom Cheerleading Uniforms offer special cheerleading shell designs and matching cheerleading skirts in colors that may not be available from stock cheerleader uniforms. Please allow 4-5 weeks for custom cheer uniforms and another two weeks for team names. Youth cheerleading uniforms are available. See other cheerleading uniforms at:

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MINUMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS - $100 and 3 of each product ordered except for fill-ins

20% restocking fee on all returned merchandise without a replacement order.
Custom product and product with names and numbers cannot be returned

We Accept
School & University Purchase Orders, Cashiers Checks or Money Orders
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